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Toronto Internet advertising is a challenging task. Whether you’re a small business, mid-sized business or larger, Internet advertising has never offered so much. However, at the same time it can also be very confusing as to what to focus on and where to put your money.

Geographic targeting is an extremely useful feature that Internet advertising offers. It can help you focus on regions such as Toronto. With Google AdWords, you can set up ads to show in just a region within Toronto, or perhaps you want to target a specific area code in Toronto. You even have the ability to have your Internet advertising run from a radius around a specific intersection in Toronto. This can be set up for both sponsored search advertisements through Google or can also be Internet advertisements on the Google Display Network as an image advertisement.

However, back to the key question and that is Toronto Internet advertising and where to put your efforts. Facebook advertisements have recently become one of the top ways to target your specific demographic. Facebook offers a wide range of targeting features such as location (ie. Toronto), special hobbies or interests (ie. golf), type of individual (ie. small business owner), etc. The most powerful feature on Facebook though is the ability for the advertisements to show social impressions. Those are showing ads with a line saying that your friend likes the product. Research has shown that in the modern age of so much information, personal recommendations are now the most influential factor when making a purchasing decision. So if your friend in Toronto recommends that you use a product, you will listen to your friend over a generic list on the Internet. Google Plus is now trying to get involved in this with the Google +1. We are just seeing the tip of the ice berg when it comes to social recommendations and I have a feeling that within the next few years, this will be the new norm.

Imagine being in a restaurant in Toronto, you sign into the restaurant with your Google account, and then you have personal reviews of the food or food items by both your friends and other people that you respect. Personalized Internet Advertising to the individual is already happening to some degree but I am very excited to see where it will be a few years from now.

Aaron Muzzerall

Twitter: @aaronmuzzerall

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