The Dangers (And Costs!) of a Poorly Targeted Internet Marketing Campaign

When it comes to Internet marketing, spending more capital to reach a greater number of people does not necessarily imply a higher return on investment.

Savvy Internet marketing is all about targeting. A good analogy for this is the military. The cost of carpet-bombing an area can be astronomical; it will probably get the job done but it is still a roll of the dice if the exact targets will be reached.

A surgical strike, on the other hand, is far less expensive and will certainly hit the correct targets.  The same can be said for Internet marketing.

This is a case of quality vs. quantity; and in many cases, mass Internet marketing has recently been shown to be highly ineffective.

To compound the problem, popular websites like Facebook and Reddit, are plagued by clickbots. These devilish programs have been developed to automatically click on an advertisement as many times as possible. Marketers without a page logger will mistakenly believe that they amassing “likes” or driving traffic to their websites. This is not the case; clickbots have no buying power.

Furthermore, ask yourself if you think Facebook or Reddit is doing anything to solve this problem. Eventually they will have to face the facts that they are enabling these clickbots, but since these websites get paid every time an ad is clicked, it is not really in their interest to initiate change.

This is not to say that pay-per-click advertising is always a bad thing. Advertising with less popular, but more targeted websites like Linkedin and related blogs will fully eliminate the clickbot problem.

So what is the solution? Quality research!

The surgical strike-force of marketers at Netverts will assist you in determining which strategies will cost-effectively place your product directly in front of the right people with buying power. We run a full analysis of your industry, look at what strategies have worked in the past, what tactics have failed, and determine the optimal focus for your marketing spend. That approach, combined with our experience, provides us a unique insight into how to best move your product.

That’s what it is really all about, right?

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Written by Andrew Davis.

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