Engaging via Mobile – is Email Dying?

As fast as email grew, it could die just as quickly. Not too many people would go so far as to say that right now. In fact, most people would probably suggest that it will continue to grow. However, a recent report on BBC suggested that young people (18-24) use email much less than one might think. The youth perceive email as too slow, non-interactive and often an unnecessary step when sending a message to someone.

Now with the recent advent of so many types of online communication and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, most messages can be sent via those. Although smartphones do have email applications, why not just send a text message, FB message or just tweet someone. Email does currently dominate communications in the business world. However, doesn’t it make sense to have one contact point for everyone? Right now everyone has at least two or three email addresses and one or two phone numbers. I personally have about five email addresses and three phone numbers including my work phones. That may still be a few years away (I believe Google is working on that one) but for now we have other options.

SMS messages on the other hand are instantaneous. People LOVE their phones. They sleep with their phones and treat their phones with more care than their own pets! SMS works on all phones and not just smartphones. An example of these being used effectively is airlines are now texting people if their flight is delayed. Pretty good application don’t you think? Some hotels send an SMS with the hotels GPS coordinates to plug into your map application on your phone. SMS can be utilized by almost any company but it hasn’t been utilized by most.

It’s at least worth considering.

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